We won’t get anywhere if we don’t set goals. Period.

Why? It’s not a question of being organized – although this is important – but about PROGRAMMING YOUR BRAIN.

Yes, you read it right: P R O G R A M M I N G   Y O U R   B R A I N.

Quite often we hear about goal setting (in our personal life, in our jobs) but what we don’t hear about is that accordingly to some studies ONLY 7% of the world population has defined life goals or objectives.

ONLY 3% of adults have written goals. These 3% are people who have SUCCESS!

How does this relates, written goals and success?

Let me tell you about a simple story that we all certainly recognize in our lives: about 25 years ago my parents bought a new car, a Citroën BX. It turns out that I happen to notice a LOT of Citroën BX after that!!

Nop, there wasn’t a boom of those models; I had the image of that particular model in my head so my subconscious mind “alerted” me every time I saw it.

I’m sure this happens to you often. You see, you probably thought (like the rest of us) that it was “by chance”.


As Brian Tracy says: “Success is goals and all else is commentary.”

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