untapped events


Untapped Events is a brand dedicated to the organization and management of scientific congresses and conferences.

From small workshops to the major international congress, we add more than 20 years of experience to support our clients and to build their  trust.

We contribute to the organization and management of scientific events in a professional and customized approach, based on transparency, quality, quality and efficiency.


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What kind of events do we organize?
Congresses, conferences, workshops, project meetings – all range of scientific events.
We like to define our activities in four Business Areas:
1. Scientific Events;
2. Corporate & Institutional Events;
3. Social & Cultural Events;
4. Training Events (practical workshops)

What kind of services we offer?


We work with our clients since the beginning, starting with preparing the application (bid) for the conference until after the event, and through all the organizational process we offer professional consulting advice.

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